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Guru's instruction on his birthday party on July 1 st , 2007

My students, Lay Practitioners and all the friends here:

I am very glad to have all your presence for my birthday party today.

In my view, joy and happiness is the purpose of life, for everyone pursues happiness. If mind is not at peace, there is no way for real and lasting happiness.

That's why I regard love and compassion as the global religion. Our own joy and happiness is dependent upon others, for who is in fact the most powerful source of our happiness. To take care of others and serve them will benefit you in turn.

If all sorts of things can reflect the highest level of nature, what unimaginable potentialities human beings should possess. Those who have just taken refuge in Buddhism should take their way step by step to meditate a mandala, build a mandala or make something in the shape of a mandala with correct belief and understanding, which will gradually enable them to move towards enlightenment and bring the truth of Buddhism and the ultimate happiness and ease to numberless beings.

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